martes, abril 27, 2010

14 días

Me cuesta respirar y me duele el costado, la ansiedad me está puteando. Ya que las pastillas hacen poco en este tipo de situaciones, normalmente solía recurrir al alcohol, que me calmaba bastante.


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Jesús Belly 3114 dijo...

Grasias Corasoooun!!!

Charlotte dijo...

What's on your mind? I hope whatever got your anxiety up isn't causing too much trouble in your life.

Thanks a lot for commenting back and adding me on Twitter. You're such a lovely lady (^___^)

Charlotte dijo...

It's nothing in particular, Charlotte, I've been suffering from anxiety for the last three years (mostly work-related stress). I do have medication for it, but it makes me really sleepy and unproductive! And we can't be having that, can we?? Thanks so much for your lovely words :D

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